Are you in need of a web-site but aren't sure how to go about setting one up?  Increase your business's visibility by getting on the World Wide Web.  The old saying goes, "A picture paints a thousand words."  Let me help you capture future business by having classic images, presented in your personal web-site for the entire world to see.  Your business is all about the image. I capture images to represent you!

*Please note that all prices are subject to change including individual gallery prices.    Best to order now!

 Personalized Basic Web-Site Designs:


for set-up of basic web-page and must be paid before web-building begins.  Included in basic web-site building:
  • securing of domain name, (an additional fee of approximately $30 will be charged to your credit-card purchasing your domain name from the web-host.  You will own your domain name and your credit card will be charged bi-annually. This approximately charged rate will keep your web-site active from the web-host.)
  • set-up of BASIC page lay-out includes approx. 6 pages (basic web-host pkg.) & includes 5 hours for building your BASIC site.
  • these above costs will give you a BASIC web-page with BASIC structure and framework for site that is ready to go live on the world wide web.

  • additional pages available @ additional costs from web-host
  • all additional pages will be constructed at $25/hour labor rate
  • videos & upgrades are available @ an additional cost from web-host
  • videos & upgrades can be built at $25/hour labor rate.
  • incorporating .jpeg images (see "additional information" below) for your site @ the $25/hour labor rate
  • all upgrades and modifications will be billed at $25/hour labor rate.

Information You Provide:
  • your logo (high res .jpeg format is preferred) & will be posted throughout your site
  • your company colors
  • your employees information:  names, positions, job descriptions
  • your locations, directions and/or maps
  • you mission statement, verses, motto and/or jingles
  • anything that says who you are, what you do and how you do it

Additional information:
  • only Studio Suzelle images are used on web-site (exceptions may arise)
  • $75 shooting fee for one hour session will need to be scheduled and paid for in-advance of shoot
  • additional shoots can be scheduled, if necessary, with additional $75 shooting fee applying for additional one hour session, scheduled and paid for in advance
  • all .jpeg images are property of Studio Suzelle
  • prints and merchandise of images may be purchased at regular studio pricing in galleries if requested
  • modifications for your web-site will be charged at a $25 hourly rate and applies to all maintenance and changes of web-site

Studio Suzelle assumes no legal liability for copyright issues regarding your logos and/or domain names and/or client provided images.

*Please note that all prices are subject to change including individual gallery prices.    Best to order now!


  • initial set-up fee of $125 will be paid BEFORE securing your domain name
  • your credit card to secure domain name for approximate amount of $30 (6 months)
  • additional cost for more pages is available and $25 hourly labor rate applies
  • additional fee of $75 per hour for photo shoot paid BEFORE services are rendered
  • additional rate of $25 per hour will apply for upkeep and modifications to site
  • PayPal is the preferred and most secure payment for Studio Suzelle services

to discuss your web-site, please
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or call 817-304-3441

upon verbal confirmation of your desire for StudioSuzelle to build your web-site
please secure your intentions by using this PayPal link below:

need an idea of what I can do for you?  to view client web-site:
 (in addition to this one) go to:

* session fee due at time of booking through cash or PayPal, upon booking following conditions apply: addional charge for travel further than 30 minutes from StudioSuzelle,  processing fee covers set-up of on-line personal event viewing gallery (gallery allows for previewing and ordering of  prints, gifts and merchandise) and slight photoshop modifications. additional fees will apply for Photoshop features including mosiacs, please allow up to 7 days after event for posting of gallery to Internet. 2 free low-res watermarked digital JPEG files images need client to e-mail their desired photo captions with photo numbers to and then allow up to 7 days for processing of images OR posting to passworded retrievable gallery. Inclement weather or other adverse conditions that prevent portrait sitting allow discretion for alternate location or rescheduling of event.  If StudioSuzelle cannot perform event due to act of God, fire, casualty, emergency or illness, the Photographer will return any deposit fees to client and have no further liability to that client.  This also applies to and includes photographic materials that are damaged in processing, lost through camera or media malfunction, computer malfunction, lost in mail, or otherwise lost or damaged.  StudioSuzelle will make every effort to guarantee the highest quality standards of all our images as we want you to continue to come to us for years to come.

 For personalized event options contact all events subject to the approval of StudioSuzelle.
Session fee  non-refundable payment is due prior to the event to cover session and processing;
additional costs will be paid at time of service, before processing is complete.

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NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT:  It is ILLEGAL to copy, reproduce in any form, including saving digital images files, distribute these photographs or images or the alteration or manipulation of said images and files elsewhere without StudioSuzelle/Photographer's permission is prohibited.
Violators of this Federal Copyright Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.
All images are the property of Studio Suzelle.

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